MoClip® Trio® For Rebar Ø 4 – 14

The Trio® is a stable spacer that is nearly invisible after casting. The three small feet make the spacer extremely stable on all surfaces, they also ensure that they are nearly invisible. The precision-engineered curves ensure that concrete can flow under the Trio® spacer to produce a smooth result. The Trio® spacer is often used in the production of lining elements and other round forms.
The MoClip fits a 4 till 14mm bar and speeds up the production process. The different sizes have different colored Clips to distinguish the size.

Tip: Place the spacers in a bucket of water before using. Wet spacers improve concrete bonding.


Artikle number Cover in inch Clip color Weight per bag Pieces per bag
US.132.034 3/4" Gray 50.98 lbs 500
US.112.100 1" Black 50.71 lbs 360
US.112.114 1 1/4" White 48.50 lbs 288
US.112.112 1 1/2" Black 46.30 lbs 180
US.112.134 1 3/4" White 44.09 lbs 144
US.132.200 2" Gray 47.45 lbs 175
US.132.214 2 1/4" Black 42.22 lbs 150
US.132.212 2 1/2" Gray 48.27 lbs 130
US.132.234 2 3/4" Black 53.00 lbs 100
US.132.300 3 White 50.05 lbs 90

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