MoNoClip® 16+ Tapered For Rebar Ø 16 – 25

The MoNoClip is designed for Self-Compacting Concrete (SCC). As the SCC is poured, the MoNoClip lifts up through its unique trumpet shape with a round point on the formwork side. A thin layer of cement water can then flow under the MoNoClip so that the MoNoClip is completely covered. Your product now has a perfectly smooth surface containing high-quality spacers. This ensures that your product is made with the highest standards.

Tip: Place the spacers in a bucket of water before using. Wet spacers improve concrete bonding.


Artikle number Cover in inch Weight per bag Pieces per bag
US.123.100 1" 39.86 lbs 360
US.123.114 1 1/4" 35.74 lbs 288
US.123.112 1 1/2" 35.50 lbs 180
US.123.200 2" 34.49 lbs 144

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